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Important Functions of KYChina
1.Micro-direction and integrated management of China's foreign investment absorption work.Analysis and study transnational investment trend and national foreign investment status,provide KYChina's foreign memberships with policy changing periodically,coordinate each departments' suggestions and bring out significant problems of foreign investment absorption.
2.Draft foreign investment relevant laws and regulations,draw up relevant rules and resolutions,supervise foreign investment project execution; Join in policy communication of the capital,share and operating right transference of foreign invested company and relevant merger,contract and leasing; Coordination,organization and execution of foreign investment projects.
3.Management and guidance of foreign investment enterprise approval and filling.Legal approval and legal establishment,contract,articles of association and alteration of foreign investment enterprises; Approval of contract,articles of association and legal significant alteration of  foreign investment projects; Confirm the implementation of foreign investment project of commercial circulation area with relevant departments.
4.Be responsible for the acceptance and response of foreign investors's merger (domestic company) applications; Joint with relevant departments organize joint conference for foreign investors who wants to merge a domestic company.Joint the drafting of foreign investor merge domestic company safety catalog; Be responsible for bring merger cases (Under the contents of safety examination).
5.Supervise and exam foreign investment enterprise relevant laws,contracts and regulations.Coordinate and solve problems may have of foreign investment enterprises's operating period; Lead foreign investment enterprises' joint annual inspection work; Be responsible for foreign investment statistics and comprehensive analysis.
6.Research and draw out activities of local big foreign investment promoting event and policy publicity event; Lead Chinese stance in a multilateral and local negotiation coordination,draft negotiation scheme,foreign-oriented negotiation,join both party investment protection negotiation work.
7.Guide and coordinate state economic technology development zone,economic cooperation zone relevant works,make relevant development strategies,policies and laws,specification and organization of execution; Join special economic zone,bonded zone,comprehensive bonded zone,bonded port zone,export production zone and such special zones to absorb foreign investment.
8.Lead and research to promote policy opening,coordinate and drive side opening and other kinds of areas foreign-oriented opening.
9.Research and make foreign investment absorption,and local investment cooperation plans,policies and execution organization; Guide and coordinate industry transference investment and build standard enterprise stage,optimize foreign investment area's distribution; Coordinate,guide and supervise foreign investment enterprises' work in China.

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Have the cooperation networks with law offices and consulting agency companies all over the world.

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9 Important Functions

KYChina's Functions

Approval of contract,articles of association and legal significant alteration of foreign investment projects.

KYChina has built cooperation relationships with law offices and consulting agencies from all over the world.
Through green channel, KYChina is able to quicken approval procedures in some areas of Shanghai.
Your idea will always get KYChina's support. And based on deep understanding of Chinese economy and foreign investment background, KYChina has the abilities to support your ideas.