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KYChina's Member companies participating European Wine & Food Festival.

The European Wine & Food Festival was held on Yandang Road from October 31 to November 3. Wu Cheng,Vice District Mayor of Huangpu,KYChina Law Firm and William Fingleton,Head of Press and Information Section of the Delegation of the European Union,attended the opening ceremony.
The Festival highlighted three key words. The first word is "European". Visitors had one-stop experience of products from European countries,including France,Spain,Italy,Germany,Austria,Portugal,Denmark,Hungary and Switzerland. The second is “wine”. Wines from different places of origin were presented at the festival,greatly satisfying the wine enthusiasts. The third is “food”. Visitors were attracted by the European food with distinct styles,such as German beer and sausages,French bread and chocolate,Dutch cheese,Italian organic food,Spanish olive,Danish cookies,Hungarian sausages as well as Swiss chocolate and biscuits.
While enjoying wine and food,visitors also had a glimpse into the European culture and tourist attractions at the festival.

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