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Industrial Administrative Approval---KYChina

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KYChina provide various solutions for different special industries,including virtual address and physical factory providing.Different than general company registration,there are different address requirements for most of the industrial investment enterprises.

Industrial foreign investment enterprise kernel keywords: Personnel Allocation,site requirements,capital requirements,foreign investors' qualifications.
KYChina provide you all kinds of sources including: factory,workshop,warehouse  and office providing.Its all provided with your convenience of weather located near the port,airport and harbor or not.Provide one-stop business visiting,and reception services for industrial Investment Enterprises.We’ll be waiting for your presence.
Approval items (Parts of): There are different factory,warehouse,office,staffing and register capital requirements for some of the special industries.There’s pre-registration processes before actual company registration.
--Food Circulation Certificate.
--Personnel Intermediary Certificate.
--Public Health Certificate.
--Catering Service Certificate.
--Health Service Certificate.
--Application of Fire Control Qualification.
--Medical Equipment Operating License (Level 2,level 3 and reagent type of medical equipments).
--Manufacture License.
--Environment Evaluation (Evaluation statement and evaluation report).
--Significant industrial product manufacture License.
--Pharmaceutical operating license (CSP certification of pharmaceutical operating enterprises).
--Foreign Investment with Transportation industry and road transportation license (Including hazardous article transportation).
--Hazardous article and chemicals operating license,petroleum product operating license.
--Diamonds operating license.
--Special Equipment installation&transformation,inspection and detection qualification.
--Educational institution (Chinese-Foreign educational institution and projects).
--Liquor operating license (Including food circulation certificate).
--Real estate brokerage License.
--Travel agency operating license.
--Certificates of Real estate development,design and construction.
--E-commerce internet operating license.
--International freight agency registration.
--Permits of Logistics,storage,container transportation and storage yard.
--Invest with factory construction,manufacture license,operating license.
Qualification approval include the followings:
--Construction qualification,fire-fighting equipments project design and construction qualification,
--Electromechanical installation project construction general contracting enterprise qualification
--Communication engineering general contracting enterprise qualification level standards
--Building construction general contracting qualification
--Electromechanical equipment installation engineering general contracting qualification
--Computer information system integration
--Building intelligent engineering construction general contracting qualification
--Apply for landscaping level 3 qualification
--Property management qualification
--Environmental Engineering contracting enterprise qualification
--Steel structure engineering contracting qualification (level standards)
--Elevator installation engineering contracting qualification (Level standards)
--Garden and ancient architecture construction contracting qualification (Level standards)
--Special engineering contraction qualification (Level standards)
Chinese government is constantly simplifying the investment environment.Shorten the approval time of industrial foreign investment enterprise registration.KYChina is familiar with Chinese investment approval and have resourceful human resources in the government.Helping global investors with administrative approval in both pre-stage and later stage in the complicated  relationships.Also help you minimize your cost of investment.
Because of different levels of approvals,industrial foreign investment enterprises may need different approvals at one time,so you need to provide detailed informations to help KYChina with the proposal and price offer .For details,please contact KYChina consultant directly.

suggested reading  <Department for examination and approval of special industries>.

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KYChina has built cooperation relationships with law offices and consulting agencies from all over the world.
Through green channel, KYChina is able to quicken approval procedures in some areas of Shanghai.
Your idea will always get KYChina's support. And based on deep understanding of Chinese economy and foreign investment background, KYChina has the abilities to support your ideas.