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Applications For Special Projects

foreign investment projects

China's Special Project Approvals (WFOE,JV and Rep Office):
For each different foreign invested enterprises,KYChina provide them with different services for special projects administrative approvals. KYChina knows the processes of Chinese administrative approvals,and we also provide various one-stop solution according different requirements by the government authorities. 
Special project approvals involves with a lot of industries. Such as approvals of import and export license,approvals for construction qualification,etc. These are all just a small part of this matter.
For specific informations of any special approvals,you can contact KYChina for more informations.
--Approval for the stores opened by a enterprise of weather it is fit for city development. 
--Export License.
--Automatic Import License.
--Certificate of CO of Textile product exported to European Union.
--Project Verification and Alteration of encouraged foreign investment industries.
--Technical Import Equipment of Foreign investment company Approve and Alteration.
--Approval of the branch office establishment of foreign invested enterprises (Part of).
--Approval of limited foreign invested enterprises.
--Enterprises apply their company as the headquarter.
--Approval for contract operation or authorization operation of a Sino-foreign enterprise.
--Verification and assessment of foreign invested advanced technic enterprises and export enterprises.
--Domestic reinvestment of a foreign invested enterprise.
--First reading of foreign investment (Outside of Limitation),establishment and alteration.
--Approval of company establishment which is allowed for city approval.
--Share pledge of foreign invested enterprises.
--Approval of manufacture contract.
--Reading of electronic products bidding qualification.
--Notification of electronic products evaluation.
--Auto,motorcycle import&export enterprises' qualification application and operating authorization.
--Bidding document recording of electronic products.
--Automotive import license of the People's republic of China (For Electronic Products).
--Application of dual-use items and technic import.
--Registration of technic import&export contract (Including software export contract).
--Domestic selling registration of manufacture trading bonded materials.
--Imported manufacture equipments approval without cutting price.
--Final user and final purpose explanation.
--Foreign aid supplies need to do enterprise qualification first reading then transfer to Country Commerce Committee.
--Approval of foreign aiming labor cooperation and exit proof.
--Foreign aid project construction enterprise qualification first reading and transference to Country Commerce Committee.
--Foreign labor cooperation qualification approval.
--Approval of foreign invested enterprises in the limitations.
--Approval of foreign invested enterprises out of the limitations.
--Approval of foreign invested enterprises our of the limitations and transfer it to Country Commerce Committee.
--Approval of foreign contractor qualification.
--Recording of foreign aiming enterprises.
--Commercial special operating management.
--Beauty products license management,quarantine and inspection.
Remark: Each industries' administrative approval has different requirements and solutions.For details,please contact with KYChina business consultant.

KYChina has built cooperation relationships with law offices and consulting agencies from all over the world.
Through green channel, KYChina is able to quicken approval procedures in some areas of Shanghai.
Your idea will always get KYChina's support. And based on deep understanding of Chinese economy and foreign investment background, KYChina has the abilities to support your ideas.