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WFOE(Wholly Foreign Owned Enterprise),is wholly owned by foreign individual investor or foreign company,it is the most common investment pattern in China.KYChina provide professional WFOE registration services,we also provide services of organization of the Board of Directors,designing of investment structure,and legal consulting.

Setup WFOE in China:
--Consulting Company
--Trading Company
--import and export Company
--KYChina provide an Legal virtual address to register your Company
--opening Chinese bank account
--Set up Comapny can be done in 30 work days.
--No Registered Capital needed
--No Real Office Needed (KYChina can provide an Legal virtual registered address).
--KYChina Provide Business Registration,WFOE Setup,Accounting & Tax,Opening Bank Account,Legal virtual registered address,Foreign investment,Legal Consulting.
China Business Registration / WFOE Setup :   Mr info  +86.21.61311274 WE will send you a free proposal,Don't worry about the language barrier. our SKYPE ID: KingYeeChina .

Investment Advisory Services
-Admittance policies and compliance regulations
-Restriction or prohibitions for special industries
-Key issues during incorporation procedures
-Key points relating to Articles of Association
-Tax implications in China
-Implementation and execution advisories
-Advisory report / advisory meeting in English
Entity Establishment Services
-Representative office (RO)  
-Wholly foreign owned enterprise (WFOE or WOFE) 
-Equity joint venture (EJV)
-Cooperative joint venture (CJV)
-Foreign invested commercial enterprise (FICE)  
-Branch office of foreign invested enterprise (BRANCH)
For WFOE registration,here are the documents you need to prepare:
1、For foreign individual investors: Notarized and authenticated foreign investor's passport.Bank reference letter of foreign investor and photos of foreign investor.
2、For foreign company investors:Notarized and authenticated foreign company's registration certificate.Bank reference letter of foreign company.china business licence
3、Notarized and authenticated passport of legal representative (If legal representative is foreigner),list of members of the board of directors,passport copies of the board of directors members,photos of legal representative.
4、Legal address for company registration,or virtual address provided by KYChina.
5、Provide name,business scope,register capital,aggregate investment and product list of the company.

shanghai laws Process of China WFOE Setup and Registry:   shanghai laws  various certificates and license

Step Process of WFOE registration Work Days Certificates investor can get after the approval
1 *Name approval 2-7 Name Pre-Approval Letter
2 *Approval at the Commerce Committee 5-15 Certificate of Approval,Approval Documents of Local Government
3 *Special License Application  15-30 Only special business need to apply for special license
4 *Approval at Industrial and Commercial Administration 1-15 Business License
5 *Stamp Carving Approval License 1 Company Stamp/Stamp of Legal Representative/Financial Stamp
6 *Management of Organization code certificate and IC card 1-2 Organization Code Certificate
7 *Tax certificate management 1-5 Tax registration certificate
8 *Foreign Exchange Certificate management 1 Foreign Exchange Certificate
9 *Bank account opening 5-15 Bank Opening Approval License/Capital Account/Basic Account
10 *Financial registration/Statistic Registration 1 Financial Registration Certificate and Statistic Registration Certificate
11 *Customs/Inspection & Quarantine registration 3-15 Custom Certificate and Inspection & Quarantine Certificate
12 *Taxation management ... accounting,general tax payer qualification application

All legal application documents of company name,articles of association,resolution will be drafted by KYChina,the actual registration process will officially start from investor's singed the documents.Please contact KYChina for proposal and quotation.

KYChina also provide company's foreign employee visa management,accounting,general tax payer qualification application,invoice purchasing services after the company's registration.

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shanghai wfoe registration

KYChina has built cooperation relationships with law offices and consulting agencies from all over the world.
Through green channel, KYChina is able to quicken approval procedures in some areas of Shanghai.
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